Long Distance Carrier Change for
Georgia State University

QWEST Calling Card
-The NEW Qwest calling cards-

GIST Calling Card
-The OLD SPRINT calling cards-

    Currently, the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), formerly known as, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), of the State of Georgia is the primary provider for telecommunications services to all state agencies, including Georgia State University. These services include phone lines, calling cards, 1-800 numbers, pagers, long distance, and GIST services.

    SPRINT has been the long distance carrier for GTA for the last several years. However, effective March 16, 2001, Qwest was awarded the state contract for telecommunications long distance services, and they are now the carrier and provider of all long distance services for all state agencies. This change is anticipated to have little or no effect on the day-to-day making or receiving long distance or GIST calls from your office.

    Following this change in long distance carriers, the GSU long distance calling cards were changed from Sprint to Qwest. GSU's Telecommunications unit began distribution of the new Qwest calling cards on March 13, 2001. The Sprint cards were deactivated on April 15, 2001.

    If you need a new Qwest calling card, please send the following information through your Business Manager/Telecommunications Coordinator to Ray Waters (ray@gsu.edu):

bullet Your name

bullet The account number OR the speed type to be charged

bullet The name of your Business Manager/Telecommunications Coordinator
     to be contacted for pick-up of the new cards

bullet Please DO NOT send your old card number.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following persons:

bullet Mark Roberson, Assistant Director (istmar@gsu.edu - 404.651.3944)

bullet Ray Waters, Project Manager (ray@gsu.edu - 404.651.4570)

bullet Brian Brunner, IS Specialist Lead (bbrunner@gsu.edu - 404.651.4573)

See the Quest International Dialing Guide http://www.qwest.com/dialing_guide.html

QWEST Calling Card

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