Camp Hill, Alabama - Photos

(1998) left to right - Tucker's Pharmacy (Center), Henderson Insurance Office,
Henderson's Beauty Shop, Winter's Grocery.

Tucker's Pharmacy in the 1950's was the old movie theater and
Winter's Grocery was where Tucker's Pharmacy was at that time.

(1998) Left to right - Winter's Grocery, Doris Winter's Dress Shop,
Camp Hill Five & Dime (now the Camp Hill Botanical Gardens), Alabama Power Office.

(1998) Looking North from in front of the Alabama Power office.
Left to right Furniture store, Appliance Store, Appliance Repair,
Burned out store then Chester's Wholesale.

(1998) Looking North - across the street from Chester's Drugstore.
Right to left Meadow's Hardware (Lastly the Pixie Dress Shop), Langley Furniture, Landrum Grocery
(This became the Camp Hill Bank, then The Bank of Dadeville. Now nothing.)

To the left, behind the truck, is the Second Camp Hill Post office, now a beauty shop.

Chester's 1980
(1981) left to right Camp Hill Dry Cleaners, Chester's Drugstore,
The first Post Office, and the second Post Office - first building on next block.

Chester's 1999
(Sept. 1999) left to right Camp Hill Dry Cleaners, Chester's Drugstore.

Camp Hill PO 1999
(Sept. 1999) Camp Hill Post Office.

(1930's) Main Street - Looking North - one block up from the 1998 view.

(1998) Left to right (Hwy 50) Eaton's Snack Bar and Monroe's Mechanical.

How to get to CHHS from Chesters Drugs.

(9/13/1999) Bill Eaton's Map of CHHS and Chester's Drug's.

All the color photos on this page, except the ones listed below, were taken by,
Billy H. Eaton(CHHS Class of 1960).
He also scanned the B&W photo and created the map.

The first color Cheater's Drugs photo was taken me in the summer of 1981. The second Chester's Drugs photo and the color post office photo were taken by me in Sept. 1999.
Brian V. Brunner(LWMA Class of 1964)

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