Working Papers

Where you Come From or Where You Go?  Distinguishing Between School Quality and the Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation Program Graduates (with Kata Mihaly, Daniel McCaffrey and J.R. Lockwood), forthcoming in Education Finance and Policy.

Competing Risks Analysis of Dropouts and Educational Attainment for Students with Disabilities (with Li Feng) February 2012.

Skills, Productivity and the Evaluation of Teacher Performance (with Douglas N. Harris) March 2012.

Teacher Quality and Teacher Mobility (with Li Feng), February 2012.

What Makes Special-Education Teachers Special? Teacher Training and Achievement of Students with Disabilities (with Li Feng), September 2012. [Appendix]

Certification Requirements and Teacher Quality:  A Comparison of Alternative Routes to Teaching, December 2011.

Value-Added Models and the Measurement of Teacher Productivity (with Douglas Harris and Anastasia Semykina), August 2012.

School Accountability and Teacher Mobility (with David Figlio and Li Feng), June 2011.

The Policy Choices of Effective Principals (with Sarah Cannon and David Figlio), October 2010.

The Determinants of Educational Attainment and Employment for Students with Disabilities (with Li Feng), March 2010.