William Waugh

Dr. Waugh is the author of Terrorism and Emergency Management (1990) and International Terrorism (1982) and coeditor of Handbook of Emergency Management (1990) and Cities and Disaster (1990) as well as the author of over sixty articles and chapters published in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. He has been a consultant to federal, state, and local governments, international organizations, and the news media on emergency management, government capacity, and professional development.

Dr. Waugh taught at Kansas State University from 1980 to 1985 and has been at Georgia State since then. His research has primarily been in the areas of decision making theory, organizational design, and policy analysis. His policy work has ranged from environmental policy, particularly dealing with the management of hazards and disasters, to economic development policy.  Current research projects include books on workplace  violence, antiterrorism policy and disaster management policy, and instructor's guides for FEMA-sponsored college-level courses on Public Administration and Emergency Management and Terrorism and Emergency Management.              


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Georgia State University   School of Policy Studies   Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies
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