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Black Masculinity in Comic Books and Hip Hop Animation

On October 12, the department sponsored a screening of Gayles’ documentary, “White Scripts and Black Supermen,” and ImajiMation Studios groundbreaking work, “BLOKHEDZ” presented by producer Brandon Schultz ( produced with Madtwinz and Joshua Self).

Held at Georgia State’s own Cinefest Film Theater, an enthusiastic audience was treated to a Cinematic evening. The audience watched the comics documentary and several of animated music videos, behind the scenes, and web series animation.

Afterwards, Gayles answered questions from the audience about the history of Black characters in comic books while Schultz spoke about the importance of team-work in animation and digital filmmaking.

Further the conversation turned to creative opportunities in mixing CGI and Tradigital animation, Atlanta ONYXCON comic convention, and how to support many of the quality independent voices in Black comics and animation which include Dawuud Anwaybile , Saxton Moore, Jeremy Love & Brothers, Carl Jones and more.

For more information:

twitter: @BLOKHEDZ


The Blokhedz