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Message from the Chair

The Department of African-American Studies (AAS) at Georgia State University (GSU) was initiated in response to the demands and activism of students in the late 1980s culminating with the “sit-in” of 1992. Growing out of that history, our department is committed to promote a social justice perspective and community engagement program that reflects the origins of our inter-disciplinary field. Our scholarly focus is an examination of the experiences of Africans and African descendants through the humanities and social sciences. We engage the experiences of Africans and African descendants through the lens of ethnicity, culture, gender, and social structure. Moreover our instruction and curriculum promotes critical thinking, research skills, and proficiency in oral and written communication. We are committed to service learning and research through building relationships that benefit the development of our students and serve the development of African and African descendant communities and the society as a whole. Our Department offers B.A. and M.A. degrees in African-American Studies. The presence of AAS at GSU enhances the curriculum and diversity of perspective in our wider intellectual community. We have a core faculty with expertise in Africana History and Social Movements, Community Development, and Africana Gender Studies. We also offer courses in other areas of the Black experience in the Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences from our core faculty and from other departments, schools, and institutes within the university. We are building a legacy of scholar-activism and welcome you to be a part of it.

Akinyele Umoja
Department Chair

Akinyele Umoja, Chair