Action Plan for the University Strategic Plan



2001 Action Plan - Context

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External Mandates

The first key feature is the budget shortfall experienced for FY 99, FY 00 and FY 01 as a consequence of conversion to the semester system, and a potential continuing shortfall for FY 02. A second contextual feature is the implementation of the 2001 Admissions requirements. A third feature is that the University System of Georgia (USG) has developed a large number of benchmark indicators that are to be reported annually. Because of the foregoing, this action plan does not identify any entirely new initiatives for 2001.

Internal Commitments

The primary commitment is to continue progress in the development of systematic planning and evaluation mechanisms and processes within the institution and in the accomplishment of other selected objectives. The University is considering an internal reallocation of the budget from programs of lower priority to targeted needs identified through the systematic planning and evaluation mechanisms.

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