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2001 Action Plan - Priorities

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Academic Programs & Faculty

Note comments on Implementation of Task Force recommendations section of the 2000 Status Report.

The Regents approved a Ph.D. in computer science in September 2000.

The Electronic Commerce Institute was established in January 2000 and the department of Decision Sciences was dissolved in June 2000. The Department of Social Work was renamed the School of Social Work in January 2000.

A Global Electronic Masters (GEM) degree program in business was initiated in fall 2000 in collaboration with five universities from other countries. Approximately 180 students are enrolled (30 per university). The fifteen-month program includes face-to-face meetings as well as team projects conducted electronically with teams involving students from each university.

New funds were provided to a number of departments as a result of their Action Plans following Academic Program Review.

Additional funds continue to be allocated to the Minority Hiring Incentive program.

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