Action Plan for the University Strategic Plan



2001 Action Plan - Priorities

Recruitment & Retention of Students | Undergraduate Experience | Graduate Experience | Academic Programs & Faculty | Connection to the Greater Community | Infrastructure/Support Improvements

Recruitment & Retention of Students

Average SAT scores of entering freshmen are in the 1043-1047 range for the past three fall semester classes. Freshman to sophomore retention rates are in the range 72-74 %. The average number of credit hours per student is slowly increasing, but is still about 0.9 below that experienced under the quarter calendar.

Funds to open additional sections of core courses were placed in an Unmet Demand holding account in the Provost Office. These funds provide some flexibility in responding to needs of students for sections of courses that are overly subscribed.

New student orientation (Incept) for fall 2000 involved about 1900 students. Continued efforts will be made to attract more students to orientation since a positive orientation is found nationally to have positive effects on retention.
1520 international students were enrolled in fall 2000, an increase of 110 over fall 1999.

A centralized Student Advisement Center was established with some additional funds and with a number of staff transfers from college Academic Assistance offices.

Moving Enrollment Services from Student Services to the Provost Office was an important reorganization. Concomitant with the reorganization was establishment of the Enrollment Management Group, a cross-functional team from Admissions, Financial Aid, International Services, Registrar, Student Accounts, Student Advisement Center, and Student Information Systems. Additional positions were added to Admissions to help process transfer student applications.

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