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2004 Action Plan - Graduate Experience & Research

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Research & Graduate Programs Infrastructure

Support for the Office of Research is in three broad categories: grants and contracts management and sponsored programs (pre- and post-award processes); support for research and creative activities of faculty; and research integrity and compliance activities. In order to reflect the growth in external funding and keep pace with such growth, we need to find ways to significantly increase funding for the Internal Grants Program and the budget for the Office of Research and Awards Administration.

Compliance activities:

Additional personnel and facilities to support our compliance activities need to be provided immediately, especially for IRB and IACUC activities.

Internal grants program:

Analyses of internal grants programs indicate that these programs provide a significant stimulus to research growth in the university. Attention should also be given to develop programs for underserved groups, especially those groups that do not traditionally attract significant external funds.

Graduate programs:

Analyses of graduate tuition waivers, graduate assistantships, and mechanisms supporting grants (pre- and post-awards) will be made to decide how best to financially support research and graduate programs to achieve institutional goals.

At least partial health insurance is available for graduate students at many competing research universities. In order to recruit and retain high quality graduate assistants, we need to find ways to incorporate health insurance to at least the fifty-percent level for FY05. Graduate student stipends will be analyzed and a strategy developed for improvement of stipend amounts.

In order to enhance our status as a research university, we will complete the Enrollment Management strategic plan that includes a focus on graduate education.

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