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2005 Action Plan - Priorities

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The University is committed to pursuing initiatives that will implement our current vision as described in our 2000-2005 Strategic Plan and in the refinement of our vision that will be embodied in the 2005-2010 Strategic Plan that is under development. What should be our vision for 2013, our Centennial Vision? One answer is to focus on quality. We need to create a clear and coherent vision of the future that includes identification of areas of focus for programs of distinction as well as identification of core undergraduate and graduate programs and core activities. This focus should lead to quality graduates, economic development, and serving the public interest. We aspire to be ranked in the second tier of national universities listed by US News and to be listed in the top 100 universities by the University of Florida 's The Center . To achieve these aspirations requires us to balance our efforts for greater student success with strategic enhancement of research and doctoral programs and targeted investment in interdisciplinary programs. In particular, we need to increase the number of tenure-track faculty and provide more support for graduate students. Improvements in programs will probably have to be made within current available resources since, at best, only a small amount of new funds will be available. We have a considerable backlog of commitments to academic programs and some administrative support units through the various department Action Plans. We have even larger potential investments that could be made in various proposals and pre-proposals that were developed last spring in response to requests for Areas of Focus. The University will continue to invest in support of effective instructional and strategic research programs. In addition, the following areas should be given attention in 2005:

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