Action Plan for the University Strategic Plan



University Strategic Plan (2000-2005)


The process that led to the development of this document was telling. It revealed broad sentiment that there is an intellectual vibrancy among the faculty and staff, an openness to change, and an eagerness to address new challenges. There is a shared view that the University must continue to work together to redefine itself and sharpen the focus of its activities. Now having engaged fully in the examination of its mission in greater detail, Georgia State University stands resolute in its commitment to attain a position among the nation's premier state-supported universities located in an urban setting. The success of these Strategic Initiatives will depend on maintaining and improving strong undergraduate programs, and strong programs of research and graduate education in key departments, schools, and colleges, in addition to fostering interdisciplinary and co-curricular programs. It will also require greater resources and closer links with external constituencies than currently exist.

The success of these Strategic Initiatives will depend on significant resources. The president must actively continue to seek increased funding from the University System of Georgia so that Georgia State University receives a more appropriate share of funding within the System. If the actions proposed above are pursued, the University should stand an even better chance of securing a larger share of state resources. This would follow, since the University would present a clearer image of itself to the external world, would carry out actions that implement this image, would capitalize on its comparative advantages, and would utilize resources in cost-effective ways. Another element of the solution is for the campus to utilize its present level of resources in ways consistent with its primary goals. Therefore, on-going, planned reallocation is being used as a central approach to the problem. It will take a combination of additional resources and reallocated resources to propel the University forward to higher levels of achievement of its mission.

The Strategic Plan will guide continued development of the University. Following processes initiated in 1997, the next step in implementing the Strategic Plan is to develop an annual Action Plan that reviews goals, considers new circumstances, and establishes priorities. The University Senate has delegated to the Planning and Development Committee authority for approval of the annual Action Plan for the Strategic Plan that will be developed by its Strategic Planning subcommittee, which has representatives from each of the colleges and members from other Senate committees. The Budget Committee and the Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President will review sources of funds and expenditures for their relevance to elements of the Strategic Plan as an annual budget recommendations for the University are developed.