Action Plan for the University Strategic Plan



University Strategic Plan (2000-2005)


Georgia State University's Strategic Plan is grounded in the vision for the University System of Georgia, described in "Access to Academic Excellence for the New Millennium," that each campus has a clearly focused and valued mission. This statement of Georgia State University's strategic plan sets forth many of the features that help define the character, strength, complexity, interdependencies and distinctiveness of the University, and it defines Georgia State University's goals and priorities. This document has resulted from conversations among the broad campus community about strengths, aspirations, concerns, and values for Georgia State University.

Pursuit of an interrelated set of core commitments distinguishes Georgia State University from other institutions of higher education in the University System of Georgia. Georgia State University recognizes that a combination of academic excellence and urban relevance is central to its development and has deliberately and carefully chosen to continue to emphasize a number of features, most of which were listed in the 1995 Strategic Plan:

  • creation of a learning-centered academic culture that provides educational opportunities for qualified students, traditional as well as non-traditional;
  • adherence in principle and practice to liberal education in arts and sciences as well as in the professional disciplines;
  • delivery of undergraduate instruction and pedagogy of high quality, conducted by senior as well as junior faculty;
  • selection, design, and implementation of high quality graduate programs and activities that contribute substantially to the intellectual and creative activities of the University;
  • provision of a distinctive education to our students that takes advantage of our location in a vital metropolis, a center of international commerce and a center of governance;
  • expectation of a faculty and student body that participate actively in scholarly pursuits, especially those that make contributions through research or professional activities to the intellectual, cultural, and social well-being of the regional, national, and international communities;
  • support for a curriculum with intercultural and international perspectives; and
  • development of programs that facilitate lifelong learning and career development for students.

The first section of the Strategic Plan addresses Georgia State University's institutional identity and outlines environmental changes for 1995 - 2005. The reader is referred to the 1995 Strategic Plan for details of the University's heritage, constituencies, culture and values, and societal contributions. Accomplishments under the 1995 Strategic Plan are interwoven in the first section. The second section establishes priorities as well as a number of five-year goals.