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President: Michaela Daniel
Advisors: Dr. Michael Black and Dr. Adam Safer
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Membership has its privileges...

Becoming a member of the Atlanta Herpetology Club is easy. If you are a Georgia State student, you can register here on OrgSync and find us there to sign up. If not, send us an email and we will add you to the list of email announcements. Come to a meeting and participate; it's as easy as that. Students at Georgia State University interested in becoming members in the Atlanta Herpetology Club at Georgia State must maintain a 2.0 grade average or better.

Our current officers are:
President: Michaela Daniel
Vice-President: Rachel Mirpour
Treasurer: Dana Mustafa
Secretary: Leslie Dunham
Advisors: Dr. Michael Black and Dr. Adam Safer
Expert-at-Large: Sean Graham
Atlanta Botanical Garden Liaison: Mark Mandica

Amphibian Ark Liaison: Ron Gagliardo
Zoo Atlanta Liaison: Dr. Joe Mendelson


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