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President: Michaela Daniel
Advisors: Dr. Michael Black and Dr. Adam Safer
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Atlanta Herpetology Club
Past Activities
  • BioBlitz at Mill Creek Nature Center (5/25/14)
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of the Herpetology Collection at ZooAtlanta (11/24/13)
  • "The Florida Scrub Lizard: A Model Organism for Integrative Ecological Research" talk by Lance McBrayer, Ph.D. of Georgia Southern University (11/1/12)
  • Hosted Dr. Joe Mendelson from ZooAtlanta to speak on the dramatic decline of amphibian populations and conservation and research efforts to protect them (4/20/11).
  • Traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for the Repticon with venomous reptiles (3/12/11).
  • Participated in a Boy Scout educational festival for the second year in a row to introduce scouts to live herps and the field of herpetology (3/2011).
  • Collected herp locality and abundance data in a BioBlitz at Sweetwater Creek State Park to help park staff better understand and manage their wildlife resources at the park (11/14/2010). We will be returning (possibly Spring 2011) to do another assessment in a different season.
  • Educated the public with hands-on displays and live animals for Fernbank Natural History Museum's Show and Tail: Geckos in collaboration with One More Generation (8/7-8/10).
  • Educated the public and collected signatures against rattlesnake roundups in Georgia for Zoo Atlanta's "Saturday for Snakes" in partnership with One More Generation (7/31/10).
  • Visited Dirty Fingernails Club afterschool program at Mary Lin Elementary for an introduction to the reptiles and amphibians of Georgia, practice identifying the frog calls of Georgia, and a guided outdoor herping expedition (5/3/10).
  • Special reception with Jeff Corwin after his talk at Georgia State University (9/22/09).
  • Visit to Mary Lin Elementary School classes to give an introduction to the reptiles and amphibians of Georgia, practice identifying the frog calls of Georgia (5/19/09).
  • Trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island as volunteers preparing for terrapin nesting season (building artificial nests), prepping stakes for summer, and assisting with Shell-e-brate Earth Day crafts (3/3-4/09).
  • Frogwatch USA amphibian survey at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. We saw a juvenile copperhead snake and many frogs and toads. Based on audio surveys, we found Fowler's toads, bullfrogs, green frogs, southern leopard frogs, Cope's gray treefrogs, upland chorus frogs, spring peepers, and northern cricket frogs. (5/3/08)
  • Amphibian Decline Bourne Lecture at Zoo Atlanta. Dr. Jeffrey Bonner, President and CEO of St. Louis Zoo, Council member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Chair of the Amphibian Ark, speaks on the global fight to save amphibians in the Year of the Frog. (3/27/08)
  • Volunteers from the Atlanta Herpetology Club participated in the 2nd Annual Gwinnett Parks and Recreation Snake Day held at the Dacula Park Activity Building, next to Dacula Park. (9/15/07)
  • Guest speaker Alicia Hill talked about her experiences and research in Costa Rica studying frog diversity on a reforestation reserve near Hacienda Baru. (8/22/07)
  • Atlanta Herpetology Club at Georgia State University won Outstanding Leadership Program Award for the BioBlitz event at the 2007 Royal Flame Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Leadership at Georgia State University. Our own President Bridget Wynn was also a finalist for the Student Leader of the Year Award at the Royal Flame Awards Ceremony and was awarded Georgia State University Panther Leader of the Month for her campus involvement, leadership, and service in the month of March. Our Treasurer Dana Mustafa and Vice President Alex Guile were finalists for the prestigious ACE Award. (4/25/07)
  • Brains Rule! Event and Neuroscience Expo at Zoo Atlanta. Three thousand visitors  came to the Neuroscience Expo and 175 middle schoolers from Renfroe Middle School came to the Brains Rule! event, and herpetology club members volunteered to help educate the public with the "What's Your Poison?" booth on venomous snakes and the actions of anti-venom. Contact Dr. Kyle Frantz to volunteer for next year. See pictures of the Neuroscience Expo in the Spring 2007 issue of the Synapse. (4/13-14/07)
  • The Bioblitz was won by Auburn University, who took home the crystal hemipene trophy. Thanks to the AJC for coming out and reporting on the event. This event was sponsored by Georgia State University's Office of Community Service and Dean of Students (Dean Stout) and the GSU Biology Department. For more information on this event, click here.

  • Okefenokee Spring Break Trip (see picture below): The Okefenokee camping trip was the first two days of GSU's Spring Break, March 3rd and 4th. We camped out at the Stephen Foster State Park on Saturday and were surrounded by barred owls as we roasted marshmallows (thanks to our friends from Campbell University who had bird calls). We night herped Saturday up and down the road and along the water's edge as frogs called. On Sunday we canoed to Billy's Island amidst the alligators and turtles, then watched the snakes feeding and listened to the baby alligator calls at the Stephen Foster State Park Interpretive Center.
  • Field trip to Atlanta Botanical Garden in December with talk by Amphibian Specialist Beth Timpe and a behind-the-scenes tour of the frog collection with amazing species like the critically endangered lemur leaf frog. (12/15/06)
  • Field trip to Camp Thunder with Sean Graham and Beth Timpe for herp survey in December (10 different species found, including frogs, salamanders, lizards, a snake, and a turtle). We helped add to the chytrid fungus survey currently underway by Save a Frog.org. (12/2/06)
  • Talk by former AHC President and current expert-on-call Sean Graham on the reptiles and amphibians of Georgia. (11/16/06)
  • Public outreach at the Brain Balloon in October, where we helped with the Brain Balloon and manned the "What's Your Poison" booth as an estimated 1,000 visitors came to see the Brain Balloon and learn about neuroscience.


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