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Situated in downtown Atlanta, the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design offers myriad choices for undergraduate art degrees such as BA, BFA, or advanced degrees such as an MA, MFA and MAE. Our NASAD accredited School of Art and Design offers rigorous programs that offer traditional media to the highest technologies in all disciplines. From Foundation to Graduate studies, courses give each student challenging, discipline-specific training while presenting the opportunity for each to discover and nurture an individual vision and voice.

Welcome to the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design

Works by students and faculty of the Welch School of Art & Design, featured in 500 Figures in Clay, Vol. 2 published by Lark Crafts, February 2014

The Dance, 2012, Sarah Justice (BFA 2014)

Ahead, 2010, Christina West, Assistant Professor

Mermaid Treasure, 2011, Christina West, Assistant Professor

Playing Possum, 2012, Kelly Stevenson (MFA Candidate)

Nature vs. Nurture, 2012, Kelly Stevenson (MFA candidate)

Contemplation, 2012, Ashley Maxwell (MFA 2014)

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