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The Foundation Curriculum consists of four Studio classes and two Art History Survey courses.
It is highly recomended that new students and incoming freshmen with intentions of a B.F.A. concentration register for two Studio courses and one Art History Survey  course as soon as they are accepted at the University.

The Studio courses are:

  • ART 1010 Drawing I
  • ART 1020 2-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1030 3-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1050 Introductory Studio

The Art History Survey Courses are:

  • AH 1700 Survey of Art I
  • AH 1750 Survey of Art II
  • AH 1850 Survey of Art III
  • AH 2000 Survey of Art Since 1900

Foundation Studio and Art History Survey courses have no prerequisites and may be taken in any order. Please refer to the University Undergraduate course catalog for detailed information.  For questions concerning the Undergraduate Degree program you may wish to contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor.