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Master of Art Education Program

Student Profile
Students who are admitted to the MAEd program at Georgia State University are competent artists with a broad range of skills and depth in one medium. They are effective communicators with highly developed oral and written language skills. Students in this program may be artists who have worked in the community, experienced art teachers, or recent art graduates. Students must have a strong portfolio and documented potential to succeed in an academic setting including a B average or better.

Program Description
The art education program is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping students develop instructional skills appropriate for a broad range of ages and abilities. The program reflects a professional art school’s commitment to mastery of art content.

The MAEd program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Course Requirements (36 credit hours)

  •  9 hours in one area of studio art
  • 3 hours in art history
  • 9 hours in art education (any 8000 level AE)
  • 9 hours in education
  • 6 hours of research to culminate in a written thesis

For students without initial certification, the following is required:

  • 9 hours in education core courses
  • 12 hours in 6000 level art education courses
  • 12 hours in student teaching or teaching internship and coursework
  •  Any art studio or art history courses required as part of the B.F.A. program in art education at Georgia State University not previously taken. With permission of the instructor, such work may be taken at the graduate level and counted toward the graduate degree.

Students will meet with art education faculty after they have taken 18 hours of course work and again at 30 hours of completed course work for review of student progress.

Career Opportunities
Graduate students are prepared to accept positions and to assume leadership roles in a variety of settings including public and private school systems, museums, art consulting firms, recreation centers, and community arts programs. 

Departmental Support
Graduate assistantships with tuition wavers and stipends are available.  Information may be obtained from the Graduate Director of the School.

I.  Course of Study for Students with a Teaching Certificate in Art Education  (36 Hrs.)

  1. Any three 8000 level Art Education courses          9 hours total
  2. Art history                                                              3 hours
  3. Studio concentration                                              9 hours
  4. The psychology of learning to be selected from:    3 hours

                                EPY 7080  The Psychology of Learning and Learners

                                EPY 7090  The Psychology of Learning and Learners:  The Young Child

                                EPY 7100  The Psychology of Learning and Learners:  Preadolescent/Adolescent

      5.    Philosophical and  social  foundations of education to be selected from:    3 hours

                                EPSF 7100  Critical Pedagogy

                                EPSF  7110 Multicultural Education

                                EPSF 7120  Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

      6.    Research methodology to be selected from:                                                  3 hours

                                EPRS 7900  Methods of Research in Education

                                EPRS 7910  Action Research

                                EPRS 7920  Educational Measurement

      7.      AE 8999  Thesis                                                                                           6 hours

                                AE8999A         Proposal (3)

                                AE8999B         Implementation/Presentation (3)


II.  Course of Study for Graduate Students Without Initial Teacher Certification 
(27+36 Hrs.)
Students take prerequisite courses that lead to initial certification:

1.                     Initial art education sequence taken at undergraduate level:             24 undergraduate hours

                                AE 6200  Art for Preschool Through Fifth Grade

                                AE 6300  Art for Meddle and Secondary Schools

                                AE 6400  Media, Technology, and Visual Presentation

                                AE 6900  Art Theory and Criticism in Art Education

                                AE 6750, AE 6760, AE 6770, AE 6780 Student Teaching or Internship

                   3 undergraduate+6 hours at graduate level

2.              Education Core courses                                                                           

                   EXC 4020  Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for students with Disabilities (3)

EPY 7080  Psychology of Learning and the Learner

EPSF 7120  Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

3.             Any art studio or art history required as part of the undergraduate art education program and not previously taken.  See the attached undergraduate checklist for a complete list of required courses or their graduate equivalents. With permission of the instructor, such work may be taken at the graduate level and counted toward the graduate degree. Graduate level courses taken outside of art education are numbered at the 6000 level, with most studio courses numbered 6050. These 6000 level studio graduate courses usually meet with introductory courses in the discipline, but require more work.

Initial Art Education courses may not count towards the Masters Degree.  Initial education core courses taken at the graduate level may count towards the Masters Degree.

Following completion of certification, the student completes the MAEd program as listed in Section I, applying graduate credits earned during the certification process as allowed.

For more detailed information about the program please see the Georgia State University General Catalogues.