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Master of Fine Arts in Studio
Graphic Design

Student Profile
Students should have clear educational goals and be interested in research and advanced study. Each should have working knowledge of graphic design concepts based on undergraduate and professional experiences, and have developed a body of design work. Students from other disciplines may be asked to complete additional coursework prior to enrollment in the program.

Program Description
In seminars and studios, students examine core precepts of graphic design, uncovering larger ideas behind design practice, by studying cognitive, aesthetic, social and technical issues as they relate to design. This experience allows students to focus their interests and clarify their goals. Students develop skill in presenting their ideas, both visually and verbally.

Students have the opportunity to engage in specialized study and research through relevant electives, directed study, and thesis research.

Course Requirements for Graphic Design Concentration

Thirty hours of coursework in a studio concentration.

Twelve hours of coursework in art history.

Six hours of non-art electives or art electives from outside the area of concentration.

Twelve hours of thesis research in the appropriate studio area.

A written thesis.

A graduate thesis exhibition, presentation or screening.

Each student must pass a review after completing 24 hours of coursework. A list of required and recommended courses for each concentration is available from either the Office of the Welch School of Art and Design or the Director of Graduate Studies.

Total Program 60 Hours


Application to the Program
Applicants must fulfill all requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Art and Design, including providing 10-20 examples of their work on disc. Do not send original work. Prospective students are encouraged to contact faculty prior to application in order to discuss their intent and requirements. For more information on College and Department requirements, see the current College of Arts and Sciences website.

Additional Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Art and Design has the following requirements:

M.F.A. Degree
Applicants for the M.F.A. degree must submit:

  1. A statement, not exceed four hundred words, outlining the applicant's purpose and goals in pursuing graduate study. This statement should be included with the other application materials sent to the Office of Graduate Studies, College of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Portfolio:
    A successful portfolio demonstrates creativity and commitment in a cohesive body of work. Admissions portfolios may include writing samples (for screenwriting); film/video projects; stills/CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs; musical performances/compositions; videos of acting/dance/performance. Include no more than 6 minutes of audio-visual presentation and it must be accompanied by a menu/table of contents listing the major components of the portfolio and the student's role (e.g., director, actor, etc.) in each work. Portfolio may include one of the following:
    • 20 still images on a CD.
    • 1 writing sample (a writing sample, such as a term paper from an upper-level art history course, is required for Art history)
    • Film/video projects - DVD only. Six minutes maximum.
    • Musical performances/sound work/compositions - six minutes maximum.
    • Videos of acting/dance/performance - six minutes maximum.

Still image submissions:

Label all materials with name and area of study. Include no more than 20 images. A list with the title of the work, date, medium and dimensions should accompany the CD.

Moving image/sound submissions:

Label all materials with name and area of study. Include no more than 6 minutes of audio-visual material. Work must be accompanied by a list with the title of the work, date, full running time, and the student's role (e.g., director, actor, etc.) in each work. List starting point for DVD viewing.
If an applicant wishes to include a mixture of stills, sound, written or moving images, then the materials will be divided evenly. For example, if images and video are submitted, 10 images and 3 minutes of video are allowed.

No URLs will be accepted.
Do not send additional work. If more materials are included than requested, the committee will only view the first 20 images or first 6 minutes.
Work must be packaged in such a way that they can be easily transported and viewed.  Everything should be labeled with the applicant's name and should be numbered to correspond to a list of images on a separate sheet of paper. This sheet should contain dimensions, medium, date, title, and any other pertinent information about the work.

Portfolios should be mailed along with all other application materials to the address provided on the application. Portfolios may be picked up from the School of Art and Design Graduate office in room 124 of the Arts and Humanities Building at 10 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia after applicant has received notification from the Director of Graduate Studies of the School of Art and Design. Work sent by mail or express must have a return address and must be accompanied by return postage. Applicants should check with the United States Post Office or an express mail company for size limitations. In order to be processed for review, mailed or shipped work must be postmarked by the deadline listed in the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Bulletin.

The School of Art and Design will take reasonable care of the handling of portfolio materials but will not be held responsible for damage or loss.