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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Photography Concentration

Program Description
The Graduate Photography Program provides a critical and conceptual grounding for students as they independently pursue their studio practice. The weekly seminar serves as the backbone of the program. Critical theory is stressed while critique forms the basis for dialogue about ongoing work. Students are encouraged to look beyond established photographic conventions and to push their work in new directions. Creative investigation across disciplines is avidly supported and results in students working in mixed media, video, digital, installation, performance, and conventional photographic print media. Guest critics and guest artists are invited to final critiques to supplement the expertise of the faculty.

The primary objective of the graduate program is to provide students with the analytical and critical tools to effectively shape their own practices once leaving the program.

Graduate teaching assistantships are strongly encouraged and lab and research assistantships are available.

Course Requirements for Photography Concentration

Phot 8000 Advanced Studio Problems 6 hours

Phot 8500 Directed Study 24 hours

Phot 8999 Thesis Research 12 hours

Art History any 6000 level 9 hours

Art History 6700 Theory and Criticism 3 hours

Any 6000 level studio course 6 hours

A written thesis

A graduate thesis exhibition, presentation or screening.

Each student must pass a review after completing 24 hours of coursework. A list of required and recommended courses for each concentration is available from either the Office of the Welch School of Art and Design or the Director of Graduate Studies.

Photography Facilities
The photography lab is open 24 hours a day and includes a 15 station black and white gang darkroom and four individual darkrooms which accommodate black and white, color, mural, and non-silver printing. The facility is well equipped and includes a 26” color processor. Studio equipment includes portable floods and a strobe. Small, medium and large format cameras are available for checkout.

Digital Facilities
The Creative Media Center is a diverse multimedia facility that provides students with access to an array of state-of-the-art technologies. Each professional-level computer workstation offers a wide variety of software for the creation of photographic and graphic images, interactive and web media, digital video and sound. Specialized hardware, including high-end printers and scanners, allow for professional output. Designed as both a Digital Classroom and an Open Access Laboratory, the CMC insures that students are provided access to the technological tools necessary for them to thrive professionally in any fine or applied arts field.

For more detailed information about the program please see the Georgia State University General Catalogues.