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Art History: Bachelor of Arts in Art

The mission of the Art History program is to promote world art studies in a post-modern age, encourage the celebration of cultural diversity, and stimulate a more inclusive internationalism. Art History students learn interdisciplinary methods of analysis for evaluating art in its historical context and develop research, writing, formal analysis, and critical thinking skills. The program is designed to serve an urban constituency, to attract students from across the nation and the globe, to complement the requirements of studio, applied arts, and art education students, and especially to prepare art history majors to succeed in graduate study, museum and gallery work, and in a variety of art-related careers.

Student Profile
Students in the program may have either creative or academic backgrounds and should possess an interest in pursuing a course of study within an interdisciplinary context.

Program Description
The breadth of the curriculum, the urban setting of the university, the diverse backgrounds of the student body, and the research orientations of the faculty make the Art History program both strong and unique. Students can choose from a wide range of lecture courses and seminars in multiple fields of specialization including: Ancient Egyptian; Ancient Near Eastern; Greek; Roman; Medieval; Italian and Northern Renaissance; European Baroque, Eighteenth-, Nineteenth-and-Twentieth-Century European and American; Latin American; African; African-American; and Contemporary art.