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Three-Dimensional Studies: Sculpture
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio

The sculpture program encourages thoughtful integration of concept and media. Students are encouraged to explore diverse interests while acquiring skills in woodworking, metal fabrication, casting, and digital technologies.  The faculty foster independent artistic development in a studio environment where beginners work alongside experienced students.  The program offers a full range of courses in traditional media and encourages innovation and experimentation in performance, installation, and other contemporary sculptural media.  The BFA in sculpture readies students for graduate work while the MFA program readies students for even greater success in the professional art world.

Student Profile
Students come to the Sculpture program from a wide range of socio-economic, age, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. This variety produces a rich mix of ideas and skills. There is no typical student. Often students from other fields find success in this program.

Program Descriptions
No portfolio is required for entrance into the School of Art and Design’s undergraduate program. Requirements for acceptance into the sculpture concentration follow this program description.

The undergraduate Sculpture program follows a traditional approach with strong emphasis on directed study. As students mature in their studies, they are encouraged to move into directions of individual interest at their own pace. Careful attention is given to maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement. Students share opinions freely and work closely to assist one another in complex projects. Any limitation is treated simply as a problem to be solved.