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Studio: Bachelor of Arts in Art

B.A. in Studio

Studio Concentration

Areas A-E: Core Curriculum Recommendations

  1. Students may select one art history survey in Area C.

Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major (18)

  1. Studio Requirements (12)
    • Art 1010 Drawing I (3)
    • Art 1020 Two-Dimensional Design (3)
    • Art 1030 Three-Dimensional Design (3)
    • Art 1050 Introductory Studio (3)
  2. Art History Requirement (Select one course in addition to any taken in Area C.) (3)
    • AH 1700 Survey of Art I. History of Western Art I: Prehistoric through Medieval Art (3)
    • AH 1750 Survey of Art II. History of Western Art II: The Renaissance through Contemporary Art (3)
    • AH 1850 Survey of Art III. Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (3)
  3. Art History Requirement (3)
    • AH 2000 Survey of Art Since 1900 (3)

Area G: Major Courses (45-57)

  1. Major Requirements (27-35)
    1. Complete minimum of 18 hours in 3000-level courses from among four different studio art disciplines (18-24) Note: 3000/4000-level studio courses vary from three to four credit hours.
    2. Studio Concentration (3000/4000 level, select from one discipline previously studied) (6-8)
    3. Art History Survey (if Survey not taken in Area C, otherwise, AH 3000/4000-level elective) (3)
  2. Art 3910 Critical Issues in Contemporary Art-CTW (3) (serves as one of the two courses needed to fulfill CTW requirement)
  3. Two Art History Electives (4000 level), one in the Modern category (see Art History Area G below) (6)
  4. Studio Elective (3-4)
  5. Art 4500 Directed Study in Art-CTW (3) (serves as one of the two courses needed to fulfill CTW requirement)
  6. Foreign Language (to the 1002 level) (3-6). (See "Foreign Language Requirement for B.A. Major," previously described).
  7. Select additional non-art courses to complete a minimum of 120 hours. (9-21) (See "Area H" following degree requirement listings in this section.)

Area H: Minor and Additional Courses

Students seeking the B.A. in Studio are not required to take a minor, although they may complete one if they so choose.