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Core Asian Studies and Asian-American Studies Faculty

Chan, Wing Yi Department of Psychology -Asian Americans
Chou, Rosalind Department of Sociology -Asian Americans
Friginal, Eric Department of Applied Linguistics
-Southeast Asia, South Asia
Fujioka, Yuki Department of Communication
Gainty, Denis
Department of History -Japan, East Asia
Gu, Baotong
Department of English -China
Hankla, Charles Department of Political Science -India
Herman, Jonathan Department of Religious Studies
-East Asia

Hsieh, Kevin School of Art and Design -East Asia, Taiwan, China
Kim, Gyewon School of Art and Design - East Asia
Kim, Jung Ha
 Department of Sociology
-Korea, Asian Americans
Kim, YouJin Department of Applied Linguistics
-East Asia, Asian-Americans
Li, Hongmei School of Communication -China, East Asia
Li, Shuai Modern and Classical Languages -Chinese Language
Masuda, Akihiko Depatment of Psychology
 -Asian Americans
McClymond, Kathryn Department of Religious Studies
-South Asia
Nadri, Ghulam Department of History
 -South Asia, India
Naim, Rashid
Department of Political Science -South Asia, India
Nelson, Gayle Department of Applied Linguistics
-China, Asian-Americans
Reimann, Kim Department of Political Science -Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia
Reynolds, Douglas
Department of History -East Asia, China and Japan
Sinnott, Megan
Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies -Southeast Asia, Thailand
Takatori, Yuki Modern and Classical Languages -Japanese Language, East Asia

Wedeman, Andrew Department of Political Science
Zhan, Heying Jenny Department of Sociology -China, East Asia

Faculty With Interests, Projects and Involvement In Asia

Dai, Dajun, Department of Geosciences -China
Chen, Guantao
Department of Mathematics
Department of Music - China
McBath, Bob History-Retired -Thailand
Pan, Yi
Computer Information Systems -China
Perera, Unil
Physics and Astronomy Department -Sri Lanka
Richey, Sean
Department of Political Science -Japan
Tai, P.C. Biology Department
-China and Taiwan
Teel, Leonard Department of Communication
Wang, Binghe
Chemistry Department -China

Faculty in Other Schools with Research Interest in Asia/Asian-Americans

Bello, Daniel College of Business -Japan
Bahl, Roy School of Policy Studies -China
Chang, Catharina College of Education -Asian and Asian Americans
Choi, Jayoung College of Education -Asian Americans
Cunningham, Clark College of Law -India
Curcio, Andrea College of Law -China
De Gagne, Jennie School of Nursing and Health Professions - Korea, Asian-Americans
Eriksen, Michael Institute of Public Health - China
Esposito, Jennifer College of Education -Asian Americans
Feltenstein, Andrew School of Policy Studies -China
Gu, Qian Institute of International Business
Kim, Heechun College of Business -Korea
Kwon, Kyong-Ah College of Education -Asian American
Li, Hongli College of Education -China
Liu, Cathy Yang School of Policy Studies -Asian Americans
Liu, Leigh Anne College of Business -China
Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
School of Policy Studies -China and Indonesia
O, Grace School of Policy Studies -East Asia, North Korea
Prime, Penelope Institute of International Business -China
Rider, Mark School of Policy Studies -South Asia
Saito, Natsu Taylor College of Law -Asian Americans
Wallace, Sally
School of Policy Studies -Southeast Asia
Wang, Yong Tai
School of Nursing and Health Professions -China, Asian Americans
Weaver, Scott
Institute of Public Health -Asian Americans
Xu, Yongsheng
School of Policy Studies -China
Yi, Youngjoo
College of Education -Asian Americans
Zhao, Yali
College of Education -China, East Asia