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Current Course Listing

Spring 2014

Course Area 

Course Title 

Area C



CHIN 1001


Elem. Chinese I

CHIN 1002


Elem. Chinese II

CHIN 2001


Intermediate Chinese I

CHIN 2002


Intermediate Chinese II

JAPA 1001


Elem. Japanese I

JAPA 1002


Elem. Japanese II

JAPA 2002

Intermediate Japanese I

Area D



 GEOG 1112


 Introduction to Weather and Climate

 GEOG 1113


 Introduction to Landforms

Area E



HIST 1111


 World Hist to 1500

HIST 1112


 World Hist Since 1500

POLS 2401


 Global Issues

Area F



ACCT 2101


 Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 2102


 Principles of Accounting II

AL 2102


 Languages of the World

ANTH 2020


 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

GEOG 1101


 Intro to Human Geography

ECON 2105


 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 2106


 Principles of Microeconomics

WST 2010


 Intro to Women's Studies

Area G



AL 3031


Language in Society

CHIN 3001

Advanced Chinese I

CHIN 3002

Advanced Chinese II

ECON 3900


ENGL 3040

Intro to Literary Studies

IB 4030


China’s Economy & International Business Environment

JAPA 3002


Advanced Japanese II

HIST 3710


China and Japan since 1600

HIST 3810

South Asia since 1757

HIST 4890


Topics in World History

POLS 3800


Introduction to Political Research

POLS 4256


Politics and Political Economy of Japan

POLS 4290

Comparative Politics

POLS 4490

International Relations

SOCI 4802

Gender and Sexuality

SOCI 4803


Race and Urban Studies

Area H



AL 3021


Introduction to Linguistics

AL 3031


Language in Society

AL 3041

Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

AL 4011


Phonetics and Phonology

AL 4151


Culture and Language Learning

BUSA 3000   


Globalization and Business Practice

ECON 4800


International Trade

ECON 4810


International Finance

FI 3300


Corporation Finance

HIST 4590

Russia to 1861

HIST 3710


China and Japan since 1600

IB 3090

International Business Operations

JAPN 3012

Advanced Japanese IV

JAPN 3013

Intensive Grammar Review

JAPN 3082

Reading and Writing in Japanese

JOUR 4650


International Communication

MGS 3400


Managing People in Organizations

MK 3010


Basic Marketing

POLS 3200


Comparative Politics

POLS 3400

International Politics

POLS 4256


Political Economy of Japan

POLS 4290


Studies in Comparative Politics

RELS 3270


World Religions

SOCI 3201


Wealth, Power, and Inequality

SOCI 3212


Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCI 4360

Religion and Society

SPCH 3750

Intercultural Communication

SPCH 4400


Development of Communication and Language across the Lifespan


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