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CRADL and the World

South Africa

Cradl is developing a collaboration with the University of Pretoria's (South Africa) Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication researchers through a faculty-student exchange agreement. The Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication researches severe disabilities, early intervention and augmentative and alternative communication.


South Korea

Cradl is collaborating with Dong Sung Elementary School in Busan,  South Korea and Atlanta Korean School to examine the extent to which cross-reading transfer occurs when the written languages are of distinctly different types with respect to orthographic representation and depth, writing system, phonology, and syntactic structure.



For 15 years, Researchers in the Psychology Department have had an ongoing collaboration with a research team at the The Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto.  This research involves a number of large, multi-site, federally funded grants that have studied reading interventions and dyslexia/reading disabilities in elementary and middle school students.



From September 2011 to February 2012 Dr. Orit Hetzroni from the University of Haifa will be spending her sabbatical with CRADL at Georgia State.  Dr. Hetzroni has her Doctorate in Special Education and her vitae can be viewed here.



Cradl member Peggy Gallagher presented at the World Council on Educational Sciences in Barcelona in February 2012 with Latife Ozaydin, a faculty member at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey.  They presented on a system of recommendations for Early Intervention in Turkey based on their work at Georgia State while Ozaydin was a visiting scholar in the Fall of 2010.