Volume 6, Issue 1, 2010
From the Editor (English) (Arabic)

English Articles Arabic Articles
Othering the Self: Palestinians Narrating the War on Gaza
in the Social Media

Abeer Najjar

E-democracy and Egyptian Governors Websites
Adel Saleh and Saleh Abdel-Rahman Ahmed
Effects of Viewing Drama on Egyptian and American Youths’ Perceptions of Family
Philip Auter, Iti Agnihotri, Mohamed Reda, Jailan Sharif,
and Fawn Roy

Yemeni University Students’ Relationship with Multimedia Technology
Abdel-Rahman Al Shami
Consumer Ethnocentrism:
A Comparison of Arab and Western Audiences

Kevin Keenan and James Pokrywczynski

Book Review: The Professional Structure Controversies Surrounding Communication and Information Studies
in the Arab World

Al-Saddek Rabah

Considering “Traditional Society” in the Middle East:
Learning Lerner All Over Again

Karin Wilkins

Book Review: The Al Jazeera Effect
Shawn Powers

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