The following below is the English versions of the Dubai Research 2007 conference. You may download the files by clicking on the links to read more:
Adding other forms of communication, Patra
Arab and Muslim Audiences in UK, Noureddine Miladi
Arab Satellite Television, Mohamed Zayani
Arab Space Channels Quality based Viewership, Dr. Ashraf Gal
Arab Women Journalists, Noha Mellor
Arabic for tourism, Anzarudhin Ahmad
Audio visual culture in Arab world, Mohamed Gamal
Baghdad Burning, Wayne Hunt
Basic workplace competencies, Shirley Thomas
Becoming Market Oriented in the Global Sphere, Babita Tewari
Breaking the language barrier, Normaliza et al.
Bridging Gulfs, Paula Kurr and Heshan Mesbah
Clash of Civilizations or dysfunctional dialogue
Clash of Civilizations, Mahjabeen Khaled
Communicating love with mothers day, maznah
Communication and Power, Fleanca et al.
Communication viruses etc., Gul Bayraktaroglu-Bilge Aykol
Community Media for development, case of India, S.Gaiani
Corporate Social Responsibility in Educational Organizations
Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Insurance Companie
Covering Iran Nuclear Crisis, Deniz Kilic
Cross Cultural Perspectives in Convergence Newsrooms, John S
Death of a global village, Prantik
Discourse Analysis of Cartoon Crisis in Turkish Press, Sule
Dominance of English as lingua franca, Dr.PericlesTangas
Dual globalizations in Iran, Hadi KHoshneviss
English and Translation, Dr. Mick Randall
English language and its global impact, Hameed Al Mehdi
Ethics of Media, An Islamic Perspective, Nizam
From the Novel to the Screen, Adewole Adejayan
Global Media, Dr. Reza
Global Village and communication, Ipsathy and Das
Globalisation and Convergence of ICT Technologies, Mohd Safa
Globalization and Gender, Janice Hall
Globalization through a Gender Lens, Dr. Lalit Kishore
Globalizing English, Frans de Laet
Glocalizing Media, Young Students in Malaysia, Lattifa Pawan
Going Global, Marketing HK Brand, Sandy To
Gratifications from Music Videos and their Relationship
Harm and Use Effect of Globalization, Nural Nimik
Hollywood vs Bollywood, Minocha and Stonehouse
Image of Pakistan in New Media, Syed
Impact of English in Europe, Piotr Romanowski
Indian Journalists All they want is all theyve got, Bridgett
Iran's Launch of PressTV, Frank Kalupa et al., Aug. 31, 2007
Islam in the U.S. Press, Dr. Jamal Koubali
Islam's Image Problem, Mohamed Hassani Ibrahim
It's Not That Simple in Iraq, Kara Peterson
Language, Truth, etc. in globalization, Abdullah Dabbagh
Lebanon's presidential election and media, Jilane Faytiri, R
Let's Talk about Sex, Warren Thorngate
Listening Skills of Court Judges, Gary Keller
Lost Arab Diaspora in Bangladesh, Razul Faquire
Lost in Translation, Juliana Yousif, Ramadhan Sadkan
Managing Ethics in Global Business, G Napal
Mass consumption in Turkey, Ozgul Birsen
Media literacy paves way for better citizenship, Lobna Shouk
MENA youth in a globalized world, Shono & Smith
Moslim reactions to portrayals of Islam, Hafezian
Needs analysis re communication, A. Tekeli
New Media Management Styles in the globalized era, Sandy To
New Media, the Virtual State, and Islam, Philip Seib
Obstacles of Iranian cities and globalization, Mohamed Rahim
On Interaction between Globalization and Translation, George
On why bloggers rule and what rules bloggers, Sonny Zulhuda
Online gaming, Rose-Marie Bezuidenhout
Politeness strategies in business communication in Thailand
Popular Music Videos in Arabia, Adel Jendli and Maher Khelif
Portrayal of women and women, Devi M. Lakshmi
Positive growth of vernacular languages and communications
Public Diplomacy and North Cyprus, Gorpe et al
Public Diplomacy versus Populistic Diplomacy in Arab Satelli
Public Relations At Crossroads, M.D.Lawrence
Reputation Management in South Africa, Nirvana Bechan
Role of Media to Portray a Woman
Root for the Moderate Muslim, Mohsen Hamli
Satellite Television and Clash of Civilization, Danielai
Shono & Smith AUSACE Abstract
Social Media and Political Activism in the Arab World, M. Ib
Student perceptions of gender in Romania, ZAHARIA
Students attitude toward media education, Zorofi and Tabrizi
Taboo lessons from cross cultural communication, sabine kraj
Textualizing Advertising Language, Vincent
The Arab Lobby, Janbek and Luis-Preciado
The Effects of Internet on Youth Value Changes, Pahlavan
The Effects of the Politics of Fear, Hanane Darhour
The Fall of the Class of Civilizations, Saddik M. Gohar
The Internet cyber matchmaker, Marwa Radwan
The Myth of Gender equity in the United States, Roya Falahi
The Reflections of English as a Global Language in Iran, Jal
The Rise and Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility
The Uniformity, Dr. Zulkiple Ghani
Towards The Semantic Web, Al Feel et al.
Tradition as a Modern Strategy, Indigenous Knowledge and Global
Translation and diversities, Amir
Translation, Pertti Hietarantas
Using Broadband language, Kawther Hakim and Abdulerab
Virtual Terror, Janbek and Prado
Will communication and media education cope with media 2. 0
Women as adult learners, Maznah Ibrahim
World English and Intercultural Communication, Kaddar Bashir
Conducting Research in the Area of Communication & Media
Role of Media, Electronic Books, Sayed Razavi et al.