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Financial Aid*

The number one goal in financial aid offices is to provide consistently responsive, ever-increasing service to students. This is not easy for institutions faced with lean budgets, reduced staff, and the concurrent need to provide college or university management with useful financial aid data.

SCT Financial Aid helps hundreds of campuses provide better service. It automates the entire financial aid process, so students can receive funding with speed and accuracy.

With SCT Financial Aid, you can:

  • process applications and disburse funds to student accounts
  • process financial aid from admission through graduation
  • guarantee equitable treatment of students c
  • ontrol institutional eligibility

You can enhance service even more with the voice response capability. It enables students to use a touch-tone phone to inquire about aid status, application deadlines, transcript requirements, awards, and office hours.

SCT Financial Aid helps you reduce paperwork and potential for errors. Most important, your staff is free to be more responsive to students B with less effort and often at a reduced cost.

*This information is provided by SCT Corp

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