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You're called upon to provide strategic information in a variety of formats, 24 hours a day. Your students need it. Your staff need it. Your faculty need it. With SCT's student solution, information from admissions through graduation is available online, over the web, by phone, or kiosk--anytime anyone needs it.

To strategically manage critical student information in these dynamic times, institutions of all sizes have turned to SCT. With the first native web access for students and faculty and the first web-enabled student information system for higher education, SCT is truly a pioneer in technology solutions tailored to the global needs of colleges and universities.

SCT's student information systems fuse administrative and academic functions for a complete business solution. They give your institution unparalleled advantages in strategic management as well as records processing. They keep you ahead of the regulatory curve. They let you choose how to manage and streamline your financial aid operations. You focus on your enrollment management objectives. Prospects, students, and faculty, meanwhile, can enjoy secure access to their information. They can apply, register, pay, grade, and advise, all by themselves. You gain more time to operate strategically. You provide extraordinary customer service.

*This information is provided by SCT Corp

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