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Academic History Focus Team


The Academic History Focus Team is primarily responsible for implementing the GoSOLAR processes that are associated with academic records, and ensuring the accurate conversion of academic history from the legacy OASIS system into GoSOLAR.

Additionally, the Team will support the implementation of the other GoSOLAR Student system modules, the selected academic advising/degree audit software system, and other selected ancillary systems.

Academic History Focus Team Charter


SPONSORS: Bill Fritz, GoSOLAR Project Leader
TEAM LEADERS: Dan Hammond, Registrar
MEMBERS: Rick Boyd (Registrar) Jan Hudgins (Education, colleges' rep)
Jonette Gowan (UIS)
Averil Smith (Registrar)
Linda Herndon (Admissions/transfer articulation)
Tracy Van Voris (Advancement Services)
RESOURCES: Charles Gilbreath (Acting Registrar) UIS programmer TBD


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