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Application Development/DBA Focus Team

The Application Development/DBA Team is primarily responsible for providing programming support and database support for the GoSOLAR Student Implementation project. Programming support includes, but is not limited to:

  • system interfaces
  • data conversions
  • custom reporting
  • ensuring service continuity during the transition from the legacy systems to GoSOLAR

Database support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oracle database installation and configuration
  • database monitoring and tuning
  • database backup and restore procedures
  • GoSOLAR software installation and configuration
  • Oracle database and GoSOLAR software upgrades

Application Development/DBA Focus Team Charter


SPONSOR: Bill Fritz, GoSOLAR Project Leader
TEAM LEADER: Mark Mayfield (UIS)
MEMBERS: Oliver Bao (UIS) Troy Page (UIS)
  Carletta Duncan (UIS)
Steve Ratterree (UIS)
  Jonette Gowan (UIS) Diana Swanson (UIS)
  Yu-Hsui Lin (UIS)
RESOURCES: Dave Hill, Doug Cackett (contract DBA's)
Bill Nelson (A&S)

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