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Faculty/Staff Perspective Team

Charge: 1. Determine how to make the GoSOLAR project more faculty friendly
  • Work with Implementation Team and team leaders to be sure the faculty perspective is being heard and considered.
  • Help remove obstacles to getting faculty to submit grades and use other general features of Web for Faculty during first
2. Take the lead in advertising, training, and generally promoting the project to faculty

Draft Charter for Faculty/Staff Perspective Team


SPONSORS: Bill Fritz, GoSOLAR Project Leader
TEAM LEADER: George Rainbolt, Admissions & Standards
MEMBERS: Balasubraman Ramesh (RCB) Laura Taylor (AYSPS)
Susan Roman (CHHS) Steven Kaminshine (Law)
Colleen O'Rourke (COE) Hassan Babaie (A&S)
Nancy Mansfield (FLC, RCB) Faye Borthick (Web CT liaison)
  Carolyn Gard (ETS) Christine Brown (FI)
Tammy Cole (English)
RESOURCES: Winnie Tsang-Kosma (GoSOLAR Office)


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