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Student Perspective Team

1. Determine how to make the GoSOLAR project more student friendly
  • Work with Implementation Team and team leaders to be sure the student perspective is being heard and considered.
  • Help remove obstacles to getting students registered during first cycle (credit hours!)
2. Take the lead in advertising, training, and generally promoting the project to students

Draft Charter for Student Perspective Team



SPONSORS: Bill Fritz, GoSOLAR Project Leader
TEAM LEADERS: Kurt Keppler (Student Services)
MEMBERS: Jeff Walker (Student Organizations) Kim Shannon (Incept)
Gary Longstreet (Freshmen Studies) Paul Voss (Departmental Advisor)
Crystal Mitchell (SAC) Darrell Holloman (Student Advocacy)
Carolyn Gard (ETS) Jill Schonenberg (FLC/PA sophomore student)
Josh Grapner (student; Incept Associate Director and Incept student leader) Christopher Hall (RCB student)
RESOURCES: Winnie Tsang-Kosma (GoSOLAROffice) Trey Chiles (Auxiliary Services)


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