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Web for Students*

Do more with less. Deliver high-quality student services without increasing staff. You can do it with Web for Students from SCT.

Web for Students provides your students with secure World Wide Web access to information in a familiar, enjoyable-to-use format. Students can apply for admissions. They can register for classes. They can retrieve financial aid data on their own schedules. Without extending yours.

Web for Students is the first product on the market to provide an interactive web interface to administrative systems for applications, registration, and credit card payments. It won't compromise system security or institutional policies.

Literally, Web for Students is a global stage for showcasing your institution's commitment to innovative service delivery. It's an excellent tool to build your prospect pool. They benefit from its financial aid functionality --including critical links to Department of Education sites and forms-- and the ability to instantly submit their application. With all this information so readily available, prospects can objectively and quickly evaluate their education options, and increase the likelihood of applying to your institution.

Here is a site that gives a fairly good demo of GoSOLARfor Student and Faculty. It is not interactive, but if you follow the arrows it walks you through a typical student and faculty member. Click on either "Student" or "Faculty & Advisors" in the blue or yellow fields - then follow the arrows at the top.

Click here <GoSOLARDemo> for a demo of what GoSOLARwill look like for students and faculty.

*This information is provided by SCT Corp

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