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Banner Multimedia Basic Navigation Training

The Banner Systems office is offering a Sungard developed multimedia/computer-based navigation training course to satisfy the Banner Basic Navigation Training requirement part for those Georgia State Banner end-users

This training course provides employees with a basic understanding of how to navigate in the Banner Systems. There is an audio component for users with sound capabilities. Throughout the training course, there are self-test quizzes, and there is guided practice to allow you to enter a new record. There is also a Post-test at the end for user to review the training material.

The training course covers all the basic skills such as:
- Navigating through the menus
- Accessing and entering information on Banner forms
- Using buttons
- Using drop-down menus from the menu bar
- Using the toolbar in an easy to use format.

This multimedia/computer-based training course should take approximately 2 hours to complete. Users can work on one section at a time and return later to complete another module.

Users must download the Banner Basic Navigation training documentation for the following training materials:
- Information on connecting to Banner at Georgia State
- Instructions on performing a query before adding information to the database
- Using a QuickFlow
- Creating a Personal Menu
- Changing Password

The documentation link is
Please note that the Documentation webpage is for Georgia State University employees only and is a password protected page. When you registered for the Multimedia training, we will send you the username and password to access the documentation page.

Certification of completion before granting users access
Upon receiving certification of completion from authorized signers, the multimedia navigation training course will satisfy the training requirement for obtaining a userid.

Before Banner access indicated on the Banner Account Request form will be granted to the user, the user must

1. Complete all assessments at the end of each lesson.
2. Complete the Multimedia Training Navigation review.
3. Write his/her name on the review.
5. Submit the Review to the appropriate authorized signer.
6. Download and print out the GSU Basic Navigation documentation.

The authorized signer must…
1. Make sure the user has a copy of the Georgia State Basic Navigation documentation.
2. Sign the Review to certify that the user has successfully completed the training.
3. Fax the signed Review with the user's name to the Banner Systems Office office at 404-413-2265.

Registering for the multimedia navigation course
User will register for the multimedia navigation course by submitting the multimedia navigation registration form on-line. Upon receiving the multimedia navigation registration form, the Banner Systems office will send user instructions via email on how to access the multimedia navigation course.

To register for classes, click here: <Multimedia Navigation Registration>

To go to the Student System Query schedule, click here: <Student System Query Training Schedule>


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