Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce
Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Earn a valuable certificate from the Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business with your Cairo University Bachelor of Commerce Degree

Faculty from Cairo University and the top professors from the Robinson College of Business have developed a program which is uniquely Egyptian but at the same time includes comprehensive, leading-edge best practices from around the world. The new undergraduate program consists of a two-year prep track and a two-year specialization track in Finance, Marketing or Accounting.

The Two-Year Preparation Track Includes:

  • GSU quality monitoring according to global standards
  • World class, GSU-approved professors
  • Small class sizes
  • Modern Teaching Methods (case study, research, group projects and student presentations)
  • Specialized training in English language and business writing
  • Practical soft skills and leadership training
  • Summer internships, seminars with business leaders and guest lectures
  • Individual attention – academic and employment counseling

Program Options Beginning in Year 3

Each program track introduces a two-year curriculum that builds on the first two years of study in Cairo University’s English Section. Students have the option to apply to one of the following program tracks:

The Financial Analyst Career Track

Students in the Financial Analyst Track will:

  • Acquire advanced skills in the areas of portfolio management, stock and bond valuation, financial statement analysis, options, futures, risk analysis, and corporate finance
  • Complete a curriculum specifically designed to prepare for the CFA Institute’s Chartered Financial Analyst ® (CFA®) examinations.
  • Learn about careers in the global areas of investment management and financial analysis

The Accounting Career Track

The accounting track helps students gain practical knowledge and skills in both local and international accounting systems.

  • Learn how to apply international accounting and auditing standards in a relevant manner
  • Acquire skills in using advanced accounting tools in management and information systems
  • Add strategic value to a business by demonstrating the use of the best practices in accounting

The Global Marketing Career Track

Students concentrating in marketing will:

  • Learn advanced tools in market research and electronic marketing
  • Acquire skills to plan and implement effective integrated marketing communications and branding initiatives
  • Learn how to prepare and use strategic and tactical marketing programs in different business situations

Each program adapts the GSU curriculum to the needs of the Egyptian market and is delivered by leading professors using modern, student-centered, active learning methods and working in close partnership with top Georgia State professors.

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Project Memorandum of Understanding

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