The CEBUS Lab in the News

Chimps & fairness study suggests humans aren't the only species that can play fair - An article from Huffington Post featuring research by Darby Proctor

Sharing: chimp study reveals origins of human fair play - An article from BBC News featuring research by Darby Proctor

Researcher examines the evolution of cooperation and inequity in primates - An article from Georgia State University featuring Kate Talbot.

Playing by the Same Rules reduces the difference between humans, chimps, and monkeys - From Discover Magazine Blogs, an article about a recent PNAS paper featuring Sarah Brosnan.

Monkey Business: Fairness Isn't Just A Human Trait - An NPR article featuring Sarah Brosnan and Audrey Parrish

It's mine, I tell you - An article from the Economist featuring Sarah Brosnan.

Chimps Act Like Humans: Mine! Mine! Mine! - An article from Livescience featuring Sarah Brosnan.

Monkeys Show Sense of Justice - An article from the BBC news discussing a research project by Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal.

Chimps Show Reluctance to Barter - An article from MSNBC discussing research by Sarah Brosnan.

Monkey Business a Fair Affair (mp3) - NPR's All Things Considered interviews Sarah Brosnan.

Listener Limerick Challenge (RealPlayer required) - A limerick by Sarah Brosnan about capuchin monkeys is used on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

Monkeys "Go on Strike" When They Sense Unfairness - An article from National Geographic news discussing a research project by Sarah Brosnan.

Chimps' Sense of Justice Found Similar to Humans' - An article from Scientific American about research by Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal.