Laurent Prétôt

I am a graduate student collaborating with Dr. Sarah Brosnan in the field of non-human primate cognition and cooperation. I am particularly interested in cross-taxon comparison, contrasting both ecological and cognitive (also called anthropocentric) approaches to cognition. I am also interested in the phenomena of collaboration such as coalitions and alliances in monkeys and great apes. During my master's program, I studied the relation between parasite/host and also eco-ethology with a specific orientation in cooperation/conflict in cleaner-client reef fish interactions.

My master's project was partially at the LRC in a collaborative project between the group of Prof. Redouan Bshary at the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) and the group of Sarah Brosnan at Georgia State University. My work aimed to study two animal species (fish vs. monkeys) showing different ecologies, cooperative and cognitive mechanisms in a cooperative exchange task only ecologically relevant to one of them.

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Salwiczek, L. H., Prétôt, L., Demarta, L., Proctor, D., Essler, J., Pinto, A. I., Wismer, S., Stoinski, T., Brosnan, S.F., & Bshary, R. (2012). Adult Cleaner Wrasse Outperform Capuchin Monkeys, Chimpanzees and Orang-utans in a Complex Foraging Task Derived from Cleaner-Client Reef Fish Cooperation. PloS one, 7(11), e49068.