Core Faculty

Spencer BanzhafH. Spencer BanzhafHomepage

Dr. Banzhaf’s research focuses on environmental economics and policy analysis. More narrowly, much of his work studies the interactions between local environmental amenities, local real estate markets, and demographic composition and structure of cities. He applies these and other tools of benefit-cost analysis to the evaluation and design of environmental policy and to the creation of “green” index numbers and accounts. He also studies the history of welfare economics.


Paul FerraroPaul J. Ferraro Homepage

Dr. Ferraro’s research interests focus on the design of performance payments systems for ecosystem and species conservation, the integration of biophysical and economic data in spatial targeting of conservation investments, and impact evaluations of environmental policy interventions using experimental and quasi-experimental methods.  With his students, he also conducts research on compliance with pollution laws by private firms.


Kurt SchnierKurt SchnierHomepage

Dr. Schnier's research is primarily focused on facilitating the development of efficient marine resource policy and determining how fishermen respond to current and prospective fisheries policy. To achieve this goal Schnier utilizes econometric, experimental and simulation modeling methods.  More specifically, his research has focused on the development and utilization of dynamic discrete choice models to evaluate fisheries policy, utilizing property rights to manage essential fish habitat, the role of spatial externalities in resource management, estimation of capacity in fisheries, investigating heterogeneous preferences, and risk-taking behavior in natural resource extraction industries.  In addition to his research in marine resource management, he has been actively involved in research on charitable auctions and the provision of public goods.


Rusty TchernisRusty TchernisHomepage

Dr. Tchernis’s research focuses on program evaluation, spatial econometrics, and Bayesian methods with applications in fields of health and labor policy. His research emphasizes the application of state-of-the-art statistical tools to undercover causal relationships between program interventions and policy-relevant outcomes. His work has been funded by the NIH and USDA, and he is a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).


Mary Beth WalkerMary Beth WalkerHomepage

Dr. Walker’s research interests are in spatial econometrics and program evaluation. She has worked on applications of these methods to a variety of fields, including land use, links between the environment and health outcomes for children, and linking spatial land patterns and crime.


Affiliated Faculty

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