Classroom Facilities Council




Key Responsibilities:


The Classroom Facilities Council will provide university-level coordination of planning,renovation, maintenance, equipping, and scheduling of general inventory classrooms by bringing together on a regular basis designated representatives of administrative and University Senate units with responsibilities for those classroom facility functions. The Classroom Facilities Council will report to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Committee Members:


Edgar Torbert (Committee Chair), Associate to the Provost, Budget & Facilities


Glenn Abney, Chairman, Political Science
Carolyn Alexander, Assistant Director
RCB, Curriculum and Academic Affairs

Joe Amador, Manager of Lab and Classroom Technology Services, UETS

Kim Bauer, Manager of Construction Services

Faye Borthick, Director Teaching and Learning with Technology Center

Tim Crimmins, Professor of History

Marilyn Crouch, Administrative Specialist-Administrative, Registrarís Office

Harry Dangel, Director Center for Teaching and Learning

Sue Fagan, Director Academic, Academic Assistant-Policy Studies
Martin Fraser, Department Head -Professof of Computer Science, Chair ISAT

Carolyn Gard, Director, University Educational Technology Services (UETS)

Fenwick Huss, Associate Dean RCB, Academic

Teresa Johnson, Assistant Director, Coba Research, College of Business-Deanís Office

William (John) McCullum, Associate Director, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Connie Sampson, Director, University Police

Greg Wright, Storekeeper, Customer Service Center