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Center for Ethics – Student Forum

Center for Ethics- Student Forum

Center for Ethics- Student Forum is the student group affiliated with the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics. Its activities include assisting in organizing an annual ethics film series, inviting speakers to campus, assisting in preparing for the annual regional “Ethics Bowl” tournament, and serving as a  forum for the exchange of ideas about ethical themes among students and members of the wider university community.

The 2014-15 officers are:
President: Bobby Bingle
Vice President: Maria Mejia
Secretary: Alexander Davis
Treasurer: Casey Fowler

The 2013-14 officers are:
President - Adam Shmidt
VP - Maria Caruso
Treasurer - Eva Imbsweiler
Secretary - Chetan Cetty

The 2012-13 officers are:
President - Cami Koepke
VP - Jonathan Ravenelle
Treasurer - Ben Stanford
Secretary - Morgan Thompson

The 2011-12 officers are:
President - Noel Martin
VP - Alex Economides
Treasurer - Getty Lustilla