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Department: Kinesiology & Health (KH)
Health emphasis within the Health and Physical Education Program 


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Georgia Assessments for the
Certification of Educators

Georgia Professional Standards Commission
National Health Standards
Competencies of Health Educators
National Science Standards 
         Health:    Grades K-4  
                            Grades 5-8
                            Grades 9-12
Public Health Education Competencies
National Tech. Standards
Georgia  Health Education Standards
Sample Student Work:
Cohabitation Slides
Marijuana Slides
Heart Disease Project
Cardiovascular Disease Proj.

Skin Cancer Slides
Drinking and Driving
The Ethics of Separating Conjoined Twins
HIV Super- Infection
Death of a Child
Health Triangle Slides
Bulemia and Jockeys
Type II Diabetes in Teens
Oral contraceptive,HBV, and Cancer


Health Lessons (K-12)
GA State. Health Promotion
  1. Sample School Health syllabi; Teacher certification information:   
     bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Sample School Health education syllabi;


     bluedot.gif (182 bytes) Information on Georgia Assessment for Certification of Educators
     bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Downloadable Praxis II (Health) study guide authored by Sandra Owen, 
        Faculty,HPE program, KH department.  


   2Programs and Research Projects:

  3. Resources for pre-service and practicing K-12 teachers:  
   Health Websites
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Teacher/Student classroom resources and lessons;
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Teaching Models;
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity health information;
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Assisted technology resources;
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Classroom technology information and applications; and
    bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Web quests including classroom applications.
  4.Sample on-line courses: 
   Pre-service online courses: 
   bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Drug Education;
   bluedot.gif (182 bytes)School Health and Safety;
   bluedot.gif (182 bytes)Viral Paradoxes of HIV/AIDs
   In-service online courses:
   bluedot.gif (182 bytes) Technology Applications for Health and Physical Education

  5. Student Created Health and Physical Education Web Sites
  6. Community Service Programs

    bluedot.gif (182 bytes) Marvelous Moments with Moms and Dads: Atlanta Children's Shelter

  7. Invited teaching (elementary, middle and high school)
bluedot.gif (182 bytes) Who said marijuana is a safe drug because it is not addictive?
     bluedot.gif (182 bytes) So You Want to Boost Your Immune System!


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