Marvelous Moments With Moms and Dads                
                                                                                    Sandra L. Owen, BSN, MEd, FASHA

  Held at the Atlanta Children's  Shelter, the "Marvelous Moments" are for moms and dads whose children are attending this nonprofit Early Care and Education Center that services infants to five year olds. The "Marvelous Moments" include nutrition and exercise discussions.
                                                     About the moms and dads
      Moment One: Eating by the Colors                     
                                         Moment Two: Good Nutrition for Growing Children
                                         Moment Three: Are You Eating by the Food Guide Pyramid?
                                         Moment Four: Shopping Right When the Budget is Tight
                                         Moment Five:  Cholesterol and Children
                                         Moment Six:   Eating for Brain Health
                                         Moment Seven:                                
                                         Moment Eight:
                                         Moment Nine:
                                         Moment Ten: