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Note: The purpose of the teacher interview is to provide you a "reality check" specific to current school health and safety issues. Your interview can either be conducted by phone or in person. You are responsible for writing a 3 page summary of the teacher comments.

1. What are the greatest health risks to children/adolescents you teach? What would you like to see done at your school to assist you in addressing these health needs?

2. What factors support and hinder your ability to maintain a peaceful classroom? How do you deal with student/student and student/teacher conflicts? What strategies have you found most effective?

3. How are injuries requiring first aid and/or CPR handled at your school? How many employees are trained? What is the procedure for calling 911? Where is parent permission for medical treatment to the child documented?

4. What is your school's requirement for immunizations? Where are immunization records kept? Who is responsible for monitoring non-immunized children/youth? What are your school's immunization and residence requirements for homeless children/youth attending your school?

5. How do you protect yourself from contact with blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS? How do you protect yourself and your students from transmission of communicable or infectious disease? What strategies have you found most effective?

6. What school/community resources are available to assist you if you should discover a student to be a victim of child abuse?

7. How pervasive is the use/possession of alcohol and other substances (including tobacco products) by students (within and/or outside of school)? What classroom and school-wide strategies are being conducted to promote prevention of alcohol and other drug use by students?

8. What factors do you believe are influencing the frequency of early sexual activity by children and youth? What responsibilities does the parent advisory committed (health) at your school have specific to development of curriculum in this area?

9. How does your school respond and attempted and completed suicide (on or off campus)?

10. Describe one of your most effective parent-teacher conferences. Describe one of your worst parent-teacher conferences. What strategies do you use to promote positive outcome for a parent-teacher conference?


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