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Reading Assignments

Students are required to complete on-line readings in the selected health and safety areas listed below. Read the short scenario and answer the four questions for each health topic. Answers  are to reflect and synthesize information from the links listed below the questions. A typical assignment response to all four questions should average 1 1/2 pages total. Any student submitting an assignment in which responses have been "copied and pasted" from an assigned article will be dropped from the course with an "F".

Each reading assignment is to be e-mailed to the course instructor (sowen2@gsu.edu) by no later than 11:30p.m. of the due date. The completed assignment is to be sent as an attachment to the email. Your first and last name, KH 3270 and the health topic (for example, injury) are to appear in the subject line of your e-mail and also on the top of the attached assignment. Assignments which omit any of this information will receive a "0" grade for that particular assignment. Assignments are to be emailed from the students' GSU email address. Assignments received from any other email address will be deleted and not graded. This is a University security measure. Assignments can be completed early yet the instructor will only accept completed assignments in the sequence and on the date assigned.

Assignments are to be e-mailed in the following topic sequence and on the following dates:


Due Date  

Child Abuse

Unintentional Injury

August 28

September 4

Medical Emergencies 


September 11

September 18

Critical Questions Due

September 25



October 2

October 9


Teen Pregnancy

October 16

October 23

Simulation Assignment



October 30

November 6

November 13



Reflection paper and presentation

November 20

December 2

Click on the health topic within the table below to read each scenario and accompanying questions.  

Child Abuse Unintentional Injuries Med. Emergency Tobacco Alcohol
Illicit Drugs  Aids Teen Pregnancy Violence Suicide