KH 2360 Reflection Paper Grading Rubric

Name: ___________________________________      Semester: Spring 2010   
Total  _____/26=________

Criteria  0-1 points 2 points 3 points 4 points Weighted Total
Reflection Critical thinking and Creativity Misunderstands key concepts. Significant errors in content, interpretation of the material.  Reflection not relevant to material. Understands key concepts but is unable to draw inferences.  Information presented has some errors.   Understands key concepts and draws valid inferences.  Articulately reflects ideas, opinion, and alternate approaches Student understands the depth and breadth of the subject matter fully and all related concepts.  Quality of work suggests  personal reflection.  Work is of exceptional quality  

 ____x 2.5 


Citations Work appears to have been done quickly with little emphasis on quality.  Appears to quote at times but provides no documentation Uses minimal resources from course to complete the assignment.  No integration of sources into reflection Selects 1-2 references  with limited integration of references into paper Cites 3 or more appropriate sources to effectively integrate and assimilate material  

 ___x 2      



Structure of Paper Chaotic, disorganized presentation of material. No support of predictions and inferences. Associate, digressive, elliptical, or circular presentation of ideas. Little support of predictions and inferences. Articulates ideas .  Adequate support of  predictions and inferences is provided. Demonstrates growth and maturation of ideas.  Reflections build on general knowledge-base and includes exceptional support of predictions and inferences.  
 ___x 1      
Grammar and Mechanics Frequent use of poor grammar, sentence structure, and spelling Uses correct grammar yet has some spelling and sentence structure errors. Uses correct grammar. and spelling, yet has some sentence structure errors. Writes eloquently free of all grammar, spelling and sentence structure.  

  ___ x 1