National Advertising Project
Suny Recreational Products Company

Attention all Middle School Students, Suny Recreational Products Company is running
 an amateur contest.  Prizes will be awarded  for creating a Health/Physical Education 
 game and advertisement.

How to submit an entry:
1.  First, choose among the following areas of consideration:
    indoor games
    outdoor games
    games with equipment use
    games with no equipment
    Comment: Games must meet school and county approval and not be combative.

2.  Research the type of game you wish to create:
    Use a minimum of six internet sites to support the health benefits of your created game.
    Use the Media Center for technology-based and print resources
    You may check with the P.E. staff for recreational  and games text's

3. Your final entry should include a written description of your game
      Give a creative name to your game
      Game rules, directions for play, necessary materials and space, and health/fitness benefits. 
      Identify the specific health/fitness major objective for playing the game (i.e. Strength, 
      endurance, flexibility, body composition)
    and your advertisement of the game can include any combination of photos, drawings, 
    pictures, and video

 4.  Suny Recreational Products Company will evaluate the game based upon the following:
    originality    creativity                        instructional objectives
    practicality  health/fitness benefits