8th Grade Syllabus

Welcome to Health!

Your child will be in Health class for the current nine week period. Topics include 
Disease, Prevention, Responsible Decision-making Skills, Nutrition, Wellness, Human 
Growth and

Time spent on topics may vary

  Wellness                                                       1 week
  Disease Prevention                                         2 weeks
 Responsible Decision-making Skills                  1 weeks
 Nutrition                                                       1 week
 Tobacco, Alcohol, and other Drugs                  2 weeks
 Human Growth and Development                     2 weeks

Grades will be determined by using the following percents: Agenda Checks-10%, 
Health Journal-20%, Tests-30%, Notes/Worksheets-30%, Projects/Skill checks-10%

Your child will be expected to follow the classroom guidelines and procedures as 
determined by Garrett M.S. and the health teacher. They are as follow:

  • Be respectful
  • Be on time and prepared (pencil and agenda)
  • Follow directions
  • Stay on task
  • Follow procedures
  • Display civility