Web Quest developed by:
Ed Wagner, Nicci Gibson, Jim Cagle, 
Beverly Brice



This web quest is designed for students to determine what changes
can be made for a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.  Whether
you need to eat healthier, increase exercise output or just simply feel better
about yourself, this survey will help you decide what steps can be changed to maintain 
a healthy diet and a safe and successful exercise program.


After logging your daily food intake and inputting your information in the computer
you will be able to use the information to assess body mass index (BMI), caloric expenditure
and your daily food intake compared to the RDA levels.  This assessment will also determine
the amount of servings you will need in each food group based on the USDA recommendations. 


           This project will be an individual project.  You will be given one week from the assigned
date to complete this project.  This work will be completed outside of class and turned in on the appropriate date. You will need access to a computer that is connected to the internet.

1.  Write down all the food you consumed in one day.  This will include all snacks, meals, and
    drinks. Then you will take this information and go to the website
    and fill in the information boxes.  Make sure you  have a list of the foods you ate with you
    at the computer when you take the survey.

2.   What is BMI?

3.   Based on your statistics, which area of BMI do you fall in?

4.   What steps would you need to take to better your BMI?

5.   What are carbohydrates, protein and fats?

6.   Why are they important to our bodies?

7.   Differentiate between saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated fats.

8.   Based on the percents given from the RDA for carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, how do
    you compare?

9.   Based on the information presented is your caloric expenditure equivalent for your level
    of physical activity?

10. How many servings does the USDA recommend from each food group?

11. How does your food pyramid compare to that of the USRDA?

12. After completing the whole process, what could you do to change your lifestyle choices to
     improve your percentages and overall wellness?

13. After completing the survey print a copy of your BMI report, physical activity report,
diet report, and your food pyramid.  From these reports, you will be able to answer the 
     above questions.  Turn in a copy of your reports along with answers to the questions.


          The list that follows offers possible resources for you to consider in completing this
web quest.  You may use any of these as well as related resources of your choice.

I.   Websites
II.   Books
           * Making Life Choices Health Skills and Concepts
            Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness
III. Videos
           * Nutrition and Exercise Facts to Live By
            Cholesterol Made Easy


          Your final project grade will be based on the following components:
        1)      Your constructive use of class time to accomplish the assigned tasks.
        2)    Your spreadsheets, charts, graphs and comparison of your results against the norms.


          Through this activity you will be able to determine you BMI(body mass index).  The
level of your physical activity and the number of calories needed for your level.  You will
also see if the food you are eating is sufficient for the recommended nutritional, vitamin
and mineral content.  You will see a picture of your food pyramid compared to the USDA recommended one.  After completing these tasks you will be able to find out how you compare
and whether changes need to be made in your lifestyle in order to improve you health and life.